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Have you played today?

Check out Deborah King’s post today on play. She offers a detailed review of the book, Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. She reflects:

We all realize the world is a much more complex place than it used to be.   Solving the problems our businesses are facing requires viewing the problem through different filters, and being open and innovative to try things we haven’t tried before.  Research indicates that play can be the key to improving our abilities to work collaboratively in a process of fact-finding, brainstorming, and innovating solutions.

Exploring the idea of “play” in the workplace can help us create the future.

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  1. It is sad to hear people talk about being bored, or disengaged from their work – we spend so much time at work, way too much time to not be energized and excited by it.

    In my consulting, I often work with individuals who have lost their jobs, or individuals who have a job, but want to do something else. My first questions to either person are, “What are you passionate about? What makes the day just fly by?” Sadly, they often don’t even know, or remember…… a result of working too long in a job that didn’t excite them.

    Maybe one good thing about the current economic situation we all find ourselves dealing with is that it seems people are taking a closer look at what really is important to them and what brings them joy. I see people, including myself, doing more with less, and discovering that it’s ok.

    Perhaps thought this “downtime” we’ll find a way to get back to basics, and hopefully the basics will also include being a little less focused on climbing the ladder, and more delighted with making connections to know ourselves better and to understand what makes our friends, family and colleagues who they are….

    Thanks for sharing my blog.

    September 23, 2010
    • friesengroup #

      Thank you for contributing more ideas for reflection. “What are you passionate about?” is one everyone should consider.

      September 24, 2010

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