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Our Bios

While a biography never tells the whole story, here’s an introductory highlight about each of us. To view the entire bio, click on the links:

Kathleen Friesen – Bio
Kathleen has helped clients move through transition and change by applying Appreciative Inquiry, a positive change method, to support leadership development, strategy formation, team building, process improvement, and connect with the next generations. She uses collaboration and builds on collective strengths to reframe challenges, identifies processes and practices that work well, and designs actionable, attainable goals.

Jon Friesen – Bio
Jon has been active in numerous capacities within the emergency medical services field in Kansas.  He has delivered educator workshops, facilitated change processes, worked actively on defining the future of EMS education, and helped to redefine the scope of practice for Kansas technicians.  His work with non profits has included bringing a higher degree of accountability and process to formerly informal organizations.  He has a reputation for combining vision with process to produce results.

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