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Contact us to design a custom workshop for your organization or choose from our standard curriculum:

  • Leadership Development
    • Leading Yourself: Looking in the mirror to understand your core values, leadership traits and behaviors, emotional intelligence,  political intelligence, communication style
    • Leading through Coaching: Understanding how to use coaching techniques to give feedback, set SMART goals, and motivate employees to increase organizational effectiveness
    • Understanding Followers: Understanding the behaviors and motivations of followers, increasing your ability to lead others.
    • Leading the Organization: Decision-making, strategic and critical thinking, implementing and supporting action plans
  • Communication Skills
    • Organization Communication for Everyone
    • Advanced Communication for Leaders
    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
    • Presentation Media Design
  • Education Design Skills
    • Curriculum Design
    • Designing Media and Activities
  • Facilitation Skills
    • Facilitating Meetings
    • Facilitating Difficult Conversations
  • Organization Development
    • The Practice of Appreciative Inquiry
    • Process Innovation
    • Building Team Effectiveness
    • Leading from Where You Stand
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