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Commit to disruption

Diego Rodriguez pointed out this quote from Richard Foster this morning:

I’m convinced that for an existing company to innovate, they must first make the decision to get rid of something. Unless you get rid of it, it will always be more a more compelling argument to improve the old rather than commit to the new. That small decision over time adds up to a total deflection, and you are never as motivated to innovate as the unencumbered new entrant.

I’m reading Onward by Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, who also sees disruption as a primary challenge, “Icons disrupt themselves before others disrupt them.”

So how do you creatively disrupt your own patterns? Begin by asking questions such as how can we improve our customer experience? What did we implement 10 years ago that we are holding onto – just so we don’t have to change? What one new way can we tangibly show our values in our customer interactions and in our community? What will we do that will make our employees proud to work for and with us?

Act. Do one thing today differently than you’ve done in the past. Do another tomorrow…

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Ready, set, action

Motionless swings at the park waiting for actionDiego Rodriguez says, “In doing there is knowing.  We learn via our mistakes, and we make many more mistakes of value when we take action.”

It is not enough to know what to do, we must act. It is not enough to do Strategic Visioning, we have to implement. It is not enough to do Executive Coaching, the individual and the organization must choose to change and adapt together.

Long-time readers know that I encourage reflection and time to think. But there is balance between reflection and action. As we approach the end of the year, where do you find your organization on the pendulum swing between reflection and action? What goals have been accomplished and celebrated? What are your dreams for the coming year? What actions can you take today that will lead to knowing and more action?

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