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closer than they appear

Yesterday Jon and I went on a long-awaited Saturday adventure. Our adventures begin with a destination in mind,  while actively looking for side roads and the unexpected along the way.  Encounters: beautiful Kansas scenery in the Flint Hills; a palette stimulating lunch at an eclectic restaurant; and, intriguing byways. There was our usual non-sequential, wide-ranging, random-topic conversation.

Then – a stop in a local art gallery proved pivotal. Not pivotal because we bought artwork. Not pivotal because it held art that spoke to us. Pivotal because we walked out saying that we didn’t understand what the artist was trying to communicate. Our adventure went forward. But 24 hours later, it’s the artwork that didn’t resonate that we’re still discussing.

The discussion continues because it doesn’t fit comfortably with our models of the world. We have a choice. We can dismiss it and return to our regularly scheduled life; or, we can wrestle with it. How do we intentionally engage what doesn’t resonate? Do we stop and notice things that are “closer than they appear?”

Some questions I’ve asked myself: What memories or stories come to mind? What emotions arise? Does this fit with other things that I’ve liked or disliked? The next time I design something new, how will this experience influence my creative process?

What adventures have you had that continue to extend your boundaries?

Imaging new maps
Abstract perspectives

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