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following by leading by following

We all have multiple roles that we play. Sometimes we lead. Sometimes we follow. The hierarchy that used to define our systems is disappearing. Our systems are evolving in a constantly changing environment. August Trank offers 11 stories illustrating how great followers are leaders. The story themes:

  1. Seize the Initiative
  2. Create their Own Job
  3. Are Coachable
  4. Anticipate
  5. Are Great Communicators
  6. Are Goal Driven
  7. Show Don’t Tell
  8. Earn Trust
  9. Offer Solutions
  10. Are Compassionate
  11. Are Loyal

If this seems like a list of leadership traits, I agree. The two that connect with me today are #1: Seize the initiative. It’s everyone’s responsibility to offer their best, creative ideas in support of the organization. #8: Earn trust. Saying what you’ll do and doing what you say, keeping promises is foundational to relationship.

Which of these traits do you see in yourself? In your organization?

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  1. All great leaders began their careers as great followers.

    July 26, 2012
    • Friesen Group #

      Agree. As I read the stories in the Forbes article, I asked myself, “How do we create great followers? What is the key: mentors, education and training, experience?” In my own experience mentors, beginning with my parents, were essential to helping me become a great follower.

      July 26, 2012

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