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Potential energy

Many of my friends have been asking me if I’ve made a New Year’s resolution. And, as a logical, linear thinker, I’ve been pondering how best to respond! The turning of the calendar seems like a logical time to think about where we’ve been and where we want to go as individuals and organizations. Not only is it a “new year,” it is half-way between the season where we have the least and most amount of daylight.

Evaluating and taking stock can imply either that all was well or that things had gotten wildly off track. As is often the case, the reality lies somewhere in-between. In recent posts, I’ve listed some questions for reflection. As I watched the sunset last night, I considered another idea. What if each thing we do not only delivers value in the present, but creates potential for the future? How would we embrace and leverage the potential energy? How would we use that energy to generate momentum needed for adapting to change and creating new ideas?

In the physical world, gravity acts to increase potential energy. To further the analogy, what are the relationships and market forces that can multiple our potential?

The other kind of potential energy in the physical world is elastic potential energy. The further something is stretched, the greater the potential energy. Again, how will we stretch this year to increase our potential?

We as individuals and organizations are standing at the top of the proverbial 2011 hill. How will you use and build potential?

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