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Light in the darkness

December is often refered to as the “season of light.” There is no small irony in this as we in the northern hemisphere live through the shortest days of the year. It is a time when many organizations stop to re-vision. As goals and roles are reviewed and renewed, here are some questions to jumpstart the process:

  • Why are these goals important for our organization? For you as a team member?
  • What is included in our vision for success?
  • What about these goals inspires you to give your best?
  • How will you and your team take the first steps toward embracing and realizing our vision and supporting goals?

One of the organizations I’ve associated with this year has an internal tagline (I paraphrase), “We act as if our vision were already reality.” Each of us must choose to act, even with imperfect knowledge, exercising good judgment and believing in the possibilities as we re-vision and enter into 2011. May light shine in the darkness.

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