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Focus on results

A student asks, “What do I have to do to get an ‘A’?”

A child in the backseat asks, “Are we there yet?”

An employee asks, “Can we check that off now?”

I am a logical, linear thinker. Getting good grades, arriving at my destination, and checking things off my
to-do list get my adrenaline flowing. Yes, focusing on the results can lead directly to the desired outcome, but it can obscure obstacles along the way. Single-minded focus may produce the desired outcome, but diminish the serendipity that comes from exploring. So, how might I reframe my focus?

Am I learning the material, applying it, and integrating it into my work and practice?

Am I enjoying the moment as the beautiful fall leaves pass by the car window?

Am I reviewing the process to determine if it is serving the values and goals of the organization?

For further reflection, “Can I describe an effective process that produces results and desired outcomes while providing for awareness of obstacles and unexpected opportunities?”

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