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Five rights

In our work on the Kansas EMS transition curriculum project, we’ve been creating media and activities. As an outsider to EMS, I was struck late yesterday with a decision tree that is used to think critically about medication delivery. It has “five rights” or things that must be true in order for the medication to be given:

  1. Right patient?
  2. Right medication?
  3. Right dose?
  4. Right route?
  5. Right time?

I am considering how these critical thinking questions can be translated into an organization’s or individual’s decision making process:

  1. Is this the right person? Team? Client?
  2. Is this the right action? Process? Intervention?
  3. Is this action in proportion to the situation?
  4. Is this the right course? Means? Direction?
  5. Is this the right time?

The other reflection is how often I assume information doesn’t apply to me. I can quickly jump to the conclusion that a process used everyday by EMS providers doesn’t impact me. Yet every moment is an opportunity to actively engage in learning. All that’s required is that I reflect on my encounters with information, people, and organizations – seeking to learn and integrate my experiences.

What are the opportunities you have to reflect and integrate?

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