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Renewal by fire

Kansas Flint Hills Spring Burn III

Each spring Kansas Flint Hills ranchers use prairie fire to create renewal. The fire burns weeds and dead plant material, clearing the brush and dead grasses in its path.  

Kansas Flint Hills Spring Burn II

Last weekend we watched as ranchers sowed fire across the prairie creating landscape that looks otherworldly.   

Kansas Flint Hills Spring Burn I

And I pause to reflect on what fires are burning in my life and the organizations to which I belong. Do I spend too much time fighting the fires rather than allowing them to burn away the deadwood? What do I need to stop doing, to let go of, to turn away from so that new ideas, new life can spring up?   

On our trip through the Flint Hills, a rancher told us that it takes about 4 days for new grasses to spring up, providing stunning green vistas. And on the Kansas flatlands, the winter wheat – dormant all winter – is growing again. 

Kansas Prairie Spring I

And so, I reflect and revisit my dreams, hopes, and goals looking for signs of renewal in my life and in the wider systems of which I’m a part.

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