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Actions Speak Louder than Words

I am on a road trip with my parents, heading for western New York where my Father was born and grew up. We’ve been talking about what we remember from the past as we drive along. One of the things I will always remember is the emphasis from my parents on not only knowing what I believe, but always remembering that my actions would speak louder than my words.

Lou Holtz, football coach, who we use as an example in the Friesen Group presentation on field leadership, talked about this principle in reference to trust. He observed that his college football teams changed personnel every year. But, the questions were always the same*:

1. Do you care about me?
2. Can I trust you?
3. Are you committed to the success of the team?

 In Holtz’s opinion, the answers to these questions are best given through actions. When we act in an authentic, trustworthy, and consistent manner, we will gain trust. My personal goal remains to be authentic, trustworthy, and consistent – the same person in the workplace, community, and home.

 *Holtz quote from “The Art of Innovation” by Tom Kelley, p. 85

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