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I’m writing about abundance as one of the core principles of Friesen Group: there is enough for everyone. Enough what? There are enough ideas, creativity, innovation, and potential for everyone to grow and succeed. It is why we brainstorm and dream with friends, co-workers, and clients – in offices, classrooms, favorite restaurants, and on the back porch.

I experience this when my friends in the Appreciative Inquiry community freely post and share everything from their newest ideas to templates for group experiences. I experience it when I use open source software, watch videos on YouTube, or listen to a podcast. I experience it when I teach and instead of a one-way exchange, encounter a learning environment where everyone contributes.

I first learned this lesson when as a toddler I was taught to share my toys. I learned that I was not an island and not the most important person. I learned that sharing was a way to have fun! Openness and sharing inspire connections and build relationships.

And so, away with the scarcity principle, the need to control, and the fear that someone else will get ahead of us. Thank you to all of my friends and co-workers who freely share their ideas – big and small. We are – and can be – more together than we are separately.

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