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Focus – Reality

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In the midst of the biggest international economic downturn in my lifetime, I ask myself, “What will I allow to shape my reality? Fear and anxiety? Stress? Or, will I choose another response?”

When reality is shaped by my fears and anxiety, I can take a variety of detours to creating the future. One detour is to spend time analyzing what happened, looking for answers, asking, ‘why?’. Another detour is to spend time blaming, asking, “Whose fault is this?” A third is to get caught up in trying to fix it, looking for a quick way out of the experience.

The detours are side-trips that can last a day or a lifetime. When I’m willing to stop going down the detour path and ask what really matters, I begin to move forward. What matters is spending time with my spouse, family, friends, and those who are part of my communities. What matters is that I find a way to show my commitment to being connected, fostering positive, life-giving experiences, and doing meaningful work. What matters is that I am present in the moment, grateful for the people and experiences I encounter.

And so, Friesen Group, launches in a new way, having come through three years of part-time focus. The focus will continue to be on what matters: compassion, trust, gratitude, and resilience. Gifts and growth will continue to come through relationships, both new and old. I’m looking forward to this next part of the journey.

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