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Resource: Steal this idea

Prairie Sunset with Hedge Row

I’ve written before about design thinking as an evidence-based process. Now comes a new post by Tim Brown of IDEO with links to downloadable books and resources from OpenIDEO. These resources demonstrate the IDEO method of design thinking. The method integrates ideas generated through a wide variety of networks, created through disciplined collaboration, allowing concepts to emerge and leading to actionable outcomes.

If you’re looking for ways of engaging emergence, I recommend discovering these free resources.

To challenge your thinking about emergence, read Tim Brown’s ideas and questions about “emergent characteristics” of successful regions that generate “relevant innovations”.

Resource: Organization Development resources on the web

Here are some of the sites where I find useful information and resources for working with organizations, learning, critical thinking, and life:

Marshall Goldsmith Library
Find articles on Peer Coaching and Leadership. There are also videos and podcasts.

Jim Collins
Find downloadable tools, articles, and audio video items dealing with organizations and personal development.

Find resources on thinking, articles on design and critical thinking, decisions by design, and videos on everything from organizational transformation to customer service.

In addition to this summary, I would point to the Blogs of Interest and Articles of Interest linked on the left sidebar of our blog.

What are the web resources that you find useful for working with your organization? I encourage you to comment and share the links with all of our readers!

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