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Like: Glass-half-empty

“Kathleen, what happened to liking the glass-half-full?! Aren’t you and your team focused on using Appreciative Inquiry and other positive organization development approaches?”

Yes. We are. But – I’m going to challenge you to consider the power of the glass-half-empty. Often when we consider emptiness we often think of empty nest, empty wallet, loneliness, and even despair. The glass-half-empty has become the symbol of the pessimist, of “if only….”

So, where is the power of the glass-half-empty? An empty screen box awaits a new blog post or Facebook entry. An empty schedule presents the opportunity for doing whatever we choose. An empty office offers opportunities for a new business or organization to create itself in that space.  The power of a glass-half-emtpy is its emptiness. That emptiness can represent the power of possibilities, imagining what might be.

What are the possibilities you or your organization have overlooked by focusing only on the half of the glass that’s full?

Idea for reflection – 21

Idea for reflection – 21

The world is full of answers. If you ask a simple question, you can get a million of them, no problem. In fact, think of how many conclusions we reach each day: think about all of our likes and dislikes, our views about the world, who we think we are, and who we decide we want to be. But have we ever been able to reach a point of absolute certainty about anything?
  – Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel, The Power of an Open Question

Idea for reflection – 20

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