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Cracking the cognitive egg

Researchers continue to describe new findings on the human brain. Long-held beliefs are changing as we learn that our brains continue to form new neurons and connections throughout our lives. I can see applications in organizations for the information being uncovered. From education and training to relationship building and communication, our brains impact how we function and learn.

One of the areas that intrigues me is how I can stimulate my brain to grow and change, to create new neurons and new memory pathways. Dr. Kathleen Taylor suggests that as adults we should focus less on adding to our storehouse of facts. While information is important, a brain tune-up requires that we move out of our comfort zone. Talk to people we normally bypass. Go to lunch with someone who sees things differently. Drive a different route to work. Read a book from a less frequented section of the library or bookstore.

The good news is that as we age, our brains are more likely to see patterns and integrate what we learn into the neural system. The challenge is to take action to continue building our individual system so that we can effectively contribute to the bigger systems to which we belong. So, here’s to scrambled neural pathways and cognitive development …!

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