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booster shots for life

One of the things I love about Organization Development is that it integrates disciplines from philosophy to sociology to art to neurobiology to adaptive systems and beyond. It nests into my love for learning. (Hmmm, I just used the word “love” twice in as many sentences; . . . the words remain as written.) I care deeply about learning, synthesizing, and sharing information and ideas.

Friday I heard Maria Popova interviewed by Flora Lichtman:

And the education system is, in a way, this antiquated universal vaccine model: We think that we can cram it all in a few years of formal schooling, and it’s going to protect us for the rest of our lives. But the way I think of learning and creative curiosity is as a kind of immune system against the life of mediocrity. … It requires constant boosts and constant sort of shots against that and priming the mind and the creative muscle.

Yes, this is a creative image! A few years of formal education, whether 12, 16, or more – at any age, cannot provide the knowledge we need to navigate all the years of our lives. That is why I seek exposure to a broad range of people, cultures, and organizations. That is why I read newspapers, blogs, peer-reviewed articles, and books from many locations and disciplines. That is why I love discussions in person and online that challenge my way of seeing and being in the world.

Where do you get your booster shots for creative curiosity? For life?

After reflecting on this, consider checking out Popova’s site: Brain Pickings.

Just tell me what to do!

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