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Idea for reflection – 20

Shuttlecock V

Life is about
not knowing,
having to change,
taking the moment
and making the best of it
without knowing
what’s going to happen next.
  – Gilda Radner 

Idea for reflection – 19

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  1. I like your blog and quote from Gilda Radner. I see that thematically we write about some similar topics, but in a different way.

    I’d love your reaction to my blog and your readers may find it thought provoking as well. You can read it at:


    September 18, 2010
    • friesengroup #

      Thank you for pointing readers to your blog. As Organization Development practitioners, I feel we need to develop our own self-awareness alongside our practice with organizations. Afterall, an organizaiton is an organism made up of individuals.

      September 18, 2010

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